SUNDAY 5th October 19:30 

Opening Gala Concert

The Arch Sinfonia

Copland                Fanfare for the Common Man
Bruch                    Scottish Fantasy - violinist Minn Majoe
Sibelius                 Finlandia
Schubert               Symphony no.5

conductor Chloé van Soeterstede

SATURDAY 1st November 17:05

Remembering World War One

Vaughan Williams    The Wanderer
                              Silent Noon
                              Roadside Fire
Ireland                    Piano Trio no.2
Butterworth            A Shropshire Lad
Vaughan Williams    The Lark Ascending

Baritone Henry Neill, Violinist Dora Chatzigeorgiou, Pianist Rebecca Taylor 

SATURDAY 6th December 17:05 

A Christmas Pilgrimage

Bach, Buxtehude

Organist Alexander Binns

SATURDAY 10th January 17:05

A Voyage of Song

        Strauss Zueignung op.10 no.1

Allerseelen op.10 no.8

Mädchenblümen op.22

Britten Choirmasters' Burial, Winter Words

Bridge Come to me in my dreams

Love went a riding

Hahn L'Énamourée

Fêtes galantes

A Chloris

Walton Three Songs from Façade

Christine Buras - Soprano, Ben Thapa - Tenor, Rebecca Taylor - Pianist

SATURDAY 7th February 17:05

Be my valentine?

Duets, trios and arias from your favourite operas.

Place de l'Opera

SATURDAY 7th March 17:05

The Stella Quartet

Dvorak American Quartet

Mozart 'The Hunt'

Members: Rosemary Hinton (UK) Lara Sullivan (Ireland) Chloé van Soeterstède (France) Tatiana Chernyshova (Russia)

SATURDAY 9th May 17:05

A Brass Spectacle

Concert Étude – Goedicke
Aria for Alto Sax – Bozza
Concerto for Tuba – Vaughan Williams
Minuets I & II, Cello Suite no.1 – Bach
Horn Concerto no.1 - Strauss

Ross Knight - Tuba, Rebecca Taylor - Piano

SUNDAY 7th June, 19:30 

Gala Finale

The Arch Sinfonia

Die Freischutz Overture - Weber
Double Trumpet Concerto - Vivaldi
Symphony no.7 - Dvorak

trumpet - Thomas Freeman-Attwood, Gwyn Owen

conductor Chloé van Soeterstede

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